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Judy Hoberman is a dynamic business and sales coach who has the uncanny ability to help you uncover hidden income streams that you had no idea existed within your business. From creating enticing product and service offers, to developing unique sales approaches and pin-pointing just the right target markets for my services, Judy helped me develop a better framework for long-term success. Working with Judy has given me a much clearer vision on how to identify additional income opportunities, and how to implement the sales process and close prospects. She’s helped me change the way I think about and approach my audience. Without hesitation, I would recommend Judy to anyone who wants to improve their sales techniques and results, and discover unique ways to grow their business.

Monica Davis, President, Atela Productions |Founder, Exceptional People Magazine

Judy Hoberman coaches so you realize success. She is great at finding the root cause of any challenge, pointing it out in a way that allows you to take action, and ensures you make great forward strides.

Laura Armbruster, Speaker, Author & CEO of Kick It Marketing

I met Judy Hoberman (years ago) attending her “Selling in a Skirt” seminar to a group of business professionals. Her perspective on gender perception was an eye opening and mind altering experience, to say the least. We recently reconnected and partnered our businesses to share her knowledge and passion for empowering people to take charge of their own passions and purpose in life and in business. Thank you for challenging me to be more open minded, to have clearer direction of my purpose and for helping me with my passion for helping others. Thank you for sharing your story and gifting us with your incredible insight. Steve Ortega Texas Agency Representative at Westcor Land Title Insurance Company

As my executive coach, Judy has provided crucial training and insights on developing a business plan, operational start up decisions and presentation skills. I consider her a key business partner as I enter the next phase of my company for sales and marketing.

Donna Pankotai, President, DMPankotai Consulting

Judy Hoberman really knows how to mesmerize, tantalize, and energize an audience. Give her 1% of your confidence and she’ll earn the rest.

Jeff Crilley, CEO, RealNews PR

Judy is such a great conversationalist! She asks powerful questions and knows how to engage her guests in a way that has you feel like your audience is right in front of you! Judy knows how to cut to the chase and supply her audience with what they want.

Debbie Leoni, ACC ICF, Professional Speaker and Executive Coach

I have had the pleasure of having Judy as my coach. She has a way of bringing out the best in you when you cannot see it. She is patient and kind and allows you to see your talents, strengths and also the things you need to work on. She always makes you feel like you are able to conquer anything and puts in place a system in which you can repeat the process of achieving. Truly a great person and innovator. Thank you for all you have done.

Yolanda Hunte, Ambit

Selling in A SKIRT has been:A Stand out experience!. I have discovered and put in prospective, what makes me unique and I am targeting my my Golden Clients. I better understand my Keys To Success! By continuing to build relationships and utilizing my Walking Ambassadors I have learned again to listen more, ask questions and to Be Present. I have been Inspired! I am one who loves to inspire and give hope to others. By aligning my core values and goals, I can create a continued harmony in my life & business. I am seeing Results! I’ve had Aha moments throughout this course and things have aligned for me. I can now manage my Time! If you have all the tools and never use them, what have you done? Nothing! With a knowledgeable prospective on time management, I can now not only have a balance in my life, but I can do the work and expect only the best! Selling in A SKIRT is an exceptional experience no matter where you are in your career. I highly recommend Judy! She is very matter of fact, funny, open, transparent and very clear to follow.

Turquesa Lee, Realtor, Century 21 Mike Bowman,Inc

Judy, when I hear your name I am reminded: ‘Managers try to light a fire under people, but Leaders ignite the fire within people’. You are a Leader.”

Gary Boverhof

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