Your Community of Strong, Tenacious, Heart-Centered Professional Women … It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Board of Directors

I know this is exactly what I needed when I wanted to feel empowered and informed, encouraged and supported

*The Phenomenal Women’s Virtual RoundTable is also available to your company as your own private group, designed especially for your Executives or Emerging Leading Women.


We will not share or trade online information that you provide us (including email addresses).


All personal information you submit is encrypted and secure.



*We Will Have A Preliminary Meeting To Get to Know Each Other and Determine The Best-Fitting Date To Meet!*

Payment IN FULL – One Payment of $ 1197 Today!

Payment Plan – 2 Payments of $ 657
(1 Payment of $657 Today, Followed by $ 657 in 30 Days)

Women’s RoundTable 2-Payment Plan

I want you to be a part of this group because I remember what it was like to feel like a successful woman walking alone … and I never want you to feel that way.
That’s why now more than ever, we need to come together and be CHANGE EXCITED!

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